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 Sure Dry™ Shower Drying Systems
Tired of constant shower scrubbing and grout cleaning?

Accelerate surface drying time up to 80% to minimize mold and mildew growth and grout damage!

Sure Dry™ systems quietly circulate dry air from an adjoining room, closet or cabinet into the shower enclosure to efficiently dry caulk, grout, tile and glass. Grout life is extended; mold and mildew growth is minimized to keep the shower looking like new.
  • Reduces use of harsh chemical cleaners necessary to clean tile and grout.
  • Increases time between grout cleaning, sealing or complete re-grouting of the shower.
  • Reduces mold & mildew growth on glass partition and door seals to prolong seal life.
  • Clears fog off of shower glass sooner so view of tile can be enjoyed.
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