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 Variable and Fixed Speed Engineer Specified Systems
Intelligent Exhaust and Ventilation Systems
** The CPC-3 Control is being replaced by the MPC and MPCI Controls in the
Summer of 2018.**


Tjernlund modulating draft, exhaust and combustion air systems expand your design options and adapt to changing conditions for precise control of exhaust and ventilation processes.
Benefits for Architects
Building designs not limited or dictated by needs of traditional exhaust and ventilation methods.
Conceal exhaust terminations and eliminate unsightly chimneys, vents and louvers.
Eliminate multiple exhaust vent roof penetrations.
Eliminate large wall openings for make-up air louvers.
Increase exhaust termination velocities to avoid issues with air intakes and windows.

Benefits for Contractors

Fit for duty design and construction for straightforward installations.
Color coded job site wiring and factory provided quick-connect harness.
Easy to service
Outstanding factory tech support.

Benefits for Mechanical Engineers
Factory sized and guaranteed vent, exhaust and combustion air system performance.
Proven performance on a wide range of applications throughout North America.
Route vents with no practical limitations.
Save money by eliminating multiple vents and reducing vent diameter.
Expand existing vent capacities for equipment upgrades and additions.
Automatically modulating performance allows heaters to operate at optimum efficiencies.
Maintain constant negative pressure in common exhaust and dryer vents.
Common vent category I and III heaters.
MPC-Series Demand-Based Exhaust and Supply Fan Speed Controllers
For modulating draft and combustion
air systems


Problem: Traditional chimneys and louvers cannot adjust to changes in burner firing rates, temperatures, winds and building pressures that can negatively affect burner performance. What’s more, these fixed systems are often unable to successfully handle common venting of multiple heaters.
Solution: MPC-Series controllers maintain desired system pressure set points by monitoring changing system pressure and outputting a 1-10 VDC signal to adjust fan speed. Fan speed is automatically modulated to match varying exhaust or supply air volume requirements. Includes controller with integral pressure transducer and field wiring ready terminal strips.

Factory presets fit a majority of applications and can be easily adjusted with two button interface. Activation status and alarm lights with audible alarm. Auxiliary alarm contacts. Model MPCI also includes UC1 burner interlock for mechanical draft and combustion air applications.


Modulating Draft Systems for Boilers and Water Heaters
Featuring the MPCI Controller and Auto-Draft® VSAD-Series Inducers or VSUB-Series Universal Blowers


Problem: Erratic draft is the most common cause of heater performance and operation problems. Traditional chimneys cannot adjust to varying winds, temperatures, building pressures and burner firing rates. A chimney has even a tougher time providing stable draft when it is serving multiple heaters. Fan assisted and condensing heaters have specific draft requirements that are not as forgiving as atmospheric heaters.

: Specify the MPCI Controller to automatically monitor and modulate the speed of either VSAD-Series Inducers or VSUB-Series Universal Blowers to maintain optimum draft. MPCI controlled draft systems feature 100% modulation. Add another MPC-Series controller to modulate a separate combustion air blower and/or control a motorized combustion air louver. Vent heaters hundreds of feet in any direction.

Auto-Draft® FSAD-Series Fixed Speed Inducers
For single or multiple heaters with draft hood/diverter or barometric draft control.

Exterior mount fixed speed inducer is suitable for vertical and side wall venting. Assures a negative pressure throughout the entire vent system. Features integral stainless steel handles and hinged housing with removable hinge pin for ease of installation and service. Integral tilt switch stops fan operation if housing is opened. Includes PSA-1 Fan Proving Switch

Modulating Combustion & Make-Up Air Systems
Featuring MPC-Series Controlled Blowers and Fans


Problem: Conventional combustion and make-up air louvers do not perform consistently. Simply having a large opening to the outdoors does not guarantee correct volumes of combustion air. Depending on wind speeds and direction, mechanical rooms may get significantly more or less air than is actually needed. As with chimneys, combustion air openings must be sized based on the combined firing rate of all heaters
within the mechanical room. In reality, all heaters rarely if ever operate at the same time. Uncontrolled combustion air can cause problems ranging from frozen pipes to flue gas spillage and flame roll-outs.

Solution: Tjernlund’s modulating combustion & make-up air systems always ensure proper air supply, regardless of the number of heaters operating and regardless of outdoor conditions.

Modulating Dryer Venting Systems
Increases efficiency and reduces energy by automatically adjusting exhaust based on the number of dryers in use.


Problem: When commercial clothes dryers are
common vented the exhaust from one dryer fights
another. Residential high rises have the same problem
of properly venting multiple dryers without installing
individual exhaust vents.
Solution: MPC-Series controlled inducers and blowers
modulate to "perfectly" exhaust common vented
clothes dryers, regardless of the number of dryers
operating. They automatically compensate for
changing pressures, temperatures and winds.
Controlled exhaust results in faster drying laundry.

Overcome Exhaust Vent Design Restrictions

Individual vents can be expensive, if not impossible
to install in multi-story buildings. Laundry room
locations often force exhaust vent lengths to exceed
the dryer manufacturers’ recommendations. MPC-Series
controlled exhaust vents can run hundreds of feet
in any direction and vent diameter can be reduced
by up to 50%.



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