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 Tjernlund Rooftop Draft Inducers
The Alternative to In-Line Inducers

RT-Series rooftop draft inducers for gas, oil, solid fuel and general ventilation applications keep the entire vent system under a negative pressure. The RT-Series are suitable for either metal or tile lined flues and feature removable hinge pins for easy installation & service. 

Once installed, the fan assembly can be swung away from the base for direct access to the chimney interior during inspection or cleaning. Speed adjustability fine tunes performance, self-cleaning backward inclined fan blades repel soot build-up and a patented auxiliary cooling system protects the motor from excessive heat. Gas & oil models include a fan proving switch and can be paired with Tjernlund's interlock controls for automatic and safe operation.

Can be used as a chimney fan in solid fuel fireplaces. Hearth versions include a speed control with the chimney fan.

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Full Line Lit
Rooftop Draft Inducer Lit
RT750, RT1500 Submittal

RT750H, RT1500H Submittal
RT750 Series Fan Curve
RT1500 Fan Curve
RT750(H), RT1500(H)
RTS8, RTS12 Mount Kit
DH-Series Discharge Hoods
DCOP1 Draft Control
XCOP1 Exhaust Control
UCRT Rooftop Speed Control w/UC1

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