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With the Auto-Draft® Chimney Fan your hard starting or back-drafting fireplace, stove, BBQ, or heater draws immediately and perfectly every time. Great for chimneys that are too short or that face heavy winds. Enjoy fires without the smoky back up--even with moist or hard to ignite types fuels. Once the fire is burning, adjust the variable speed control knob to achieve maximum efficiency. Great for noise sensitive installations. Connects easily with metal or tile lined flues. Lower power consumption even at full speed. The RT-Series Chimney Fans are the only fans rated for 1000° F (538° C), more than twice the temp rating of competitors. We guarantee satisfaction with our (1) Year Unconditional and (2) Year Mechanical Warranty.

Auto-Draft® Fan Features:

  • RT750H & RT1500H Include Speed control

  • PSC ball bearing motors with -40°F low temperature lubricant

  • Patented motor cooling system automatically activates, extending motor life

  • Clamshell design for easy installation, inspection and service

  • High performance backward inclined impeller repels soot

  • High temperature powder coat finish

Rooftop Chimney Fan
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Rooftop Chimney Fans
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With the Auto-Draft your hard starting stove draws immediately. No smoky back up--even with moist or hard to ignite types of wood. Once the fire is burning, adjust the variable speed control knob on the electrical box to achieve the maximum efficiency of your stove. The Auto-Draft provides for total utilization of your wood, leaving only a fine ash residue in most cases.

Fits Most Wood or Coal Burning Stoves

The Auto-Draft can be installed on any wood or coal burning stove pipe 5" to 8" in diameter. It is designed to solve draft problems without increasing the height or diameter of the chimney.

Auto-Draft® Inducer
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Model AD-1 Advantages

  • Eliminates Smoke
  • Starts Fires Fast
  • Utilizes Fuel Efficiently
  • Broadens Ranges of Usable Fuels
  • Operates on Standard 115 VAC
  • Easy to Install (15 Minutes)
  • Constructed of Heavy Duty Materials
  • Minimal Maintenance
  • Rich, Heat Resistant Finish
  • Maximum Energy Efficiency

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Dimensions Electrical
Height 9 1/2" Voltage 115 VAC
Width 9" Motor RPM 1200-1600
Depth 7" Motor HP 1/14 (open)
Fits 5-8" Pipes Motor Amps 1 (max.)
Make hot or cold rooms more comfortable!

The perfect companion for homes, condos, hotels & buildings with:
• Split System or Window A/C
• Space Heaters, Stoves & Fireplaces
• PTAC & Ductless Heating/Cooling
• Electric Baseboard

AireShare™ AS1, AS1P & AS2 Room-to-Room transfer fans pull cool air from floor level or warm air from ceiling level and distribute high or low.

AireShare™ ASLL Level-to-Level transfer fans pull warm or cool air from one level and distribute up or down.

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AS1, AS1P, AS2, ASLL Lit
AS1, AS1P Specs
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AS1 Inst
AS1P Inst
AS2 Inst

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Energy Efficient Products

AireShare Room-to-Room Transfer Fans (Models AS1 & AS2)
Move air Room-to-Room. The blower and diffuser can be mounted either high or low on the wall. Pull cool air from floor level or warm air from ceiling level and distribute the air high or low. Activate it off of a wall switch or thermostat. Grilles included.

Pull air from any level and
distribute high or low.

Model AS1 Model AS1P Model AS2


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AireShare Level-to-Level Transfer Fan (Model ASLL)
Move air Level-to-Level. This unit can either blow air up to a higher level or, when installed in the opposite orientation, down to a lower level. Move stove or fireplace heat up or down a level or move cool air from a basement up to the main living space. Hard-wired. Can be activated by switch on unit or wired with a wall switch or thermostat. Grilles included.


Model ASLL

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Energy-conserving homebuilding materials and techniques minimize fresh air intake...a major cause of illness, discomfort and structural damage.
The IN-FORCER mechanically draws outside air indoors to dilute pollutants and replace stale air without sacrificing energy savings.
The FAI4 Powered Air Intake provides a simple and economical way to provide fresh, outside air to dilute trapped pollutants and replace air vented by exhaust fans and fuel burning equipment. Plug into a switched outlet, use a remote on/off switch or a plug-in timer to operate on a desired schedule. Standard 4" flex or metal duct may be used for ducting. The efficient 75 CFM fan consumes only 18 watts.

The IN-FORCER model FAI4 offers all these advantages

Affordably priced and installs fast. Plugs into electrical outlet.   Reduces cold drafts through windows, doors, fireplaces caused by excessive negative pressure.
  Reduces negative pressure a major cause of flue gas spillage and radon gas entry. Reduces moisture, mold mildew buildup.
  Increases security--fresh air can be brought in even when windows and doors are locked. Helps replace air vented by exhaust fans, fireplaces, etc.

FAI4 Specifications

Dimensions Electrical
Intake Hood Inlet 4" Voltage 115 VAC
FAI4 Inlet/Outlet 4" Motor RPM 2800
Air Flow   Motor Watts 18
CFM 75 Motor Amps .2


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