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Dryer Duct Booster®

Guaranteed No Clog Residential Dryer Duct Booster Fan

Boosts long or restrictive dryer duct runs up to 150 equivalent feet. Reduce drying times up to 60% in long or convoluted duct runs and save energy.

  • Lint Blitzer™ blower wheel repels lint
  • Reduce lint build-up, a potential fire hazard
  • Permanently lubricated motor positioned out of air stream for maximum motor life
  • Save energy through reduced drying times
  • 5 year no clog, no maintenance guarantee
  • Easy installation, automatic operation


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D-Strat Compact, High Velocity Ceiling Fans

The Problem:
Stratification in high ceiling warehouse and commercial spaces creates huge temperature differentials between the ceiling and the occupied floor level. It is typical for a differential of 20 degrees or more to exist.

The Solution:
D-STRAT 30 watt, 540 CFM high velocity fans can reduce this differential by 50% or more, shortening thermostat cycles and making occupants more comfortable. 


D-Strat Ceiling Fan Lit

D-Strat Case Study

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Chimney Stack Assist Kit 


Eliminates Need for Chimney Liner When Venting Water Heaters in Oversized Chimneys 

As a result of upgrades to direct vent condensing furnaces, water heaters are often orphaned and left to vent in chimneys that are oversized after the vent connector from the old furnace is capped. This can lead to condensation and flue gas spillage problems. The CSA1 allows a water heater to be vented through an existing vent connector into an oversized chimney without adding a chimney liner.

The CSA1 Kit offers the following benefits:

  • Mechanical assist fan protects against condensation callbacks and flue gas spillage problems.
  • Installing the CSA1 Kit is a one-person job and doesn’t require an electrician.
  • By eliminating the liner, the contractor doesn’t need two techs on the job and keeps techs away from potential roof fall liabilities.
  • The CSA1 Kit includes a draft hood Linear Limit Safety to lock out the water heater in case of sustained flue gas spillage.

Chimney Stack Assist Kit Lit 


Cool Breeze Garage Fan 
Automatically Ventilate and Cool Garages.

The Cool Breeze Fan has a 30-inch wide intake plenum made of 22-gauge steel and is twice as powerful as similar garage fans currently on the market. Its efficient 1200 CFM motor produces up to two full air exchanges per hour in the garage space. The result can be up to a 30-degree drop in garage temperature.

The Cool Breeze Fan has an automatic fire damper for building code compliance and comes with ceiling grille, two door grilles, adjustable thermostat for automatic operation plus mounting hardware. Optional controls available from Tjernlund include a digital timer, wireless wall switch plus a remote control and adjustable humidistat.

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Radon Vac™ Side Wall Radon Mitigation System
Avoid the costs and hassles of running PVC through the roof 
The Radon Vac provides the first effective and affordable way to reduce radon levels in existing homes. The unique system consists of a plug-in fan, exterior hood and installer-purchased PVC pipe. Because the Radon Vac side wall system evacuates through the basement side wall, homeowners can avoid having PVC pipe run vertically through living areas or outside of their homes to the roof line. 
  • Perfect for Existing Home Retrofits
  • Sealed Housing Prevents Leakage
  • High Pressure Exhaust is Diluted and
    Propelled Away from the Home
  • Quiet, Efficient Operation
  • Easy Installation Saves on Labor & Materials

Radon Vac Lit

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Radon Vac Case Study

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XCHANGER Reversible Basement Fan

The economical home ventilation fan:

Many homes have basements that are stale, musty or smelly due to seasonal water issues, sump pits & floor drains or general lack of air exchange or ventilation.

  • 2 reversible fans provide air supply, exhaust or exchange
  • Adjustable humidity control and separate on/off switches for each 90 CFM fan included
  • Speed and timer controls plus ducting kits available
  • Magnetic damper stops included
  • Complies with residential ventilation requirements of ASHRAE 62.2-2007
  • Simple installation and Maintenance

XchangeR Basement Fan Information & Video

XchangeR Basement Fan Lit

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XchangeR Basement Fan
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Rooftop Draft Inducers

Up to 70% energy savings with Draft COP or Exhaust COP (Constant Operating Pressure)controls.

Draft COP Control
Reduces RT-Series inducer motor power consumption by modulating the Inducer's speed to meet exhaust demand. Ideal for non-condensing modulating gas and oil fired heaters and multiple heaters tied into a common vent. Economical and simple the Draft COP combines pressure sensing, set point adjustment, patented motor speed control and a burner interlock with pre & post purge into a single, easy to install package.

Exhaust COP Control
The Exhaust COP operates identically to the Draft COP but does not incorporate a burner interlock control. Applications include exhausting multiple clothes dryers in a common vent or controlling pressure of an exhaust chase serving multiple floors.

The alternative to in-line inducers:

  • For gas, oil, solid fuel and general ventilation
  • The solution for inaccessible and short length vent connectors & chimneys
  • Great for noise sensitive installations
  • Connects easily to single wall, insulated and tile lined flues
  • Rooftop mounting maintains negative pressure throughout entire vent system


  • Speed control compatible
  • PSC ball bearing motors with -40° F, low temp lubricant
  • Patented motor cooling fan automatically activates, extending motor life
  • Clam-shell design for easy installation, inspection and service
  • Hi-Performance backward inclined impeller repels soot
  • Hi-temp powder coat finish


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AireShare™ Room-to-Room Transfer Fans

Make hot or cold rooms more comfortable

The perfect companion for homes, condos,
hotels & buildings with:

  • Split System or Window A/C
  • Space Heaters, Stoves & Fireplaces
  • PTAC & Ductless Heating/Cooling
  • Electric Baseboard

Pull cool air from floor level or warm air from ceiling level and distribute high or low.

AireShare™ Level-to-Level Transfer Fans

Make hot or cold rooms more comfortable

The perfect companion for homes & condos with:

  • Hard to Heat or Cool Levels
  • Space Heaters, Stoves & Fireplaces
  • PTAC & Ductless Heating/Cooling
  • Cool Lower Levels

Pull warm or cool air from one level and distribute
up or down.

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UnderAire Crawl Space Ventilators

Fan powered crawl space ventilation quickly reduces moisture helping to protect both home and occupants.
  • Help prevent mold & structural rot
  • Includes power cord &  dehumidistat
  • Built in freeze protection
  • 110 and 220 CFM models

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Dryer Booster

D-Strat Fans

Chimney Stack Assist Kit

Radon Vac Fan

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