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 AireShare™ Transfer Fans  
Make hot or cold rooms more comfortable

The perfect companion for homes, condos, hotels & buildings with:

  • Split System or Window A/C
  • Space Heaters, Stoves & Fireplaces
  • PTAC & Ductless Heating/Cooling
  • Electric Baseboard

AireShare AS1 & AS2 Room-to-Room transfer fans pull cool air from floor level or warm air from ceiling level and distribute high or low.

AireShare™ ASLL Level-to-Level transfer fans pull warm or cool air from one level and distribute up or down. 

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Switch-It™ Wireless Controls for AireShare™ Transfer Fans
(The easy way to switch on comfort)

  • Quickly install activation controls where you want to optimize use and comfort

  • Eliminate costly and difficult wiring in finished walls

Model SWT Wireless Thermostat (Automatic Activation)

In heat transfer applications mount the SWT wireless digital thermostat in the receiving room and set to the desired temperature. The AireShare™ Transfer Fan will operate any time the temperature in the room is below the set point. The fan can also be activated in a manual mode by depressing the on or off buttons on the thermostat.
Model SWS Wireless Switch (Manual Activation)

In either heating or cooling applications mount the SWS switch in any convenient location.

Modern rocker style switch in off white.

Model 950-3310 Line Voltage Thermostat

Suitable for direct connection with Tjernlund Duct Booster® duct fans and AireShare™ room-to-room transfer fans. Included with the thermostat package is a single gang plastic electrical box to allow for easy and safe installation.

Snap action switch operated by a bimetal actuator and is double pull, single throw. This thermostat allows Tjernlund units to be activated by either heating or cooling, but not both with the same thermostat. U.L. Approved. C.S.A. Certified. Elec. Rating: 22 Amps@ 125 V. Temperature Range: 50° to 90°.

Model FC24 24 Volt Fan Center
Use to interface AS1 & AS2 transfer fans with any 24V thermostat. Includes 24V transformer and switching relay.
Model DK2 Duct Kit for AS2 Transfer Fan
For installation in obstructed wall cavities, where metal studs with wiring knock outs are used or to conform to energy codes requiring metal ducts. Installs through cut out needed for AS2 blower. Centerline of diffuser in target room is 5" above top of blower discharge. 

Model AS2SW3 3-Speed Switch for AS2 Transfer Fan
  The AS2SW3 is a 3 speed switch for use with the AireShareTM Model AS2.

Tjernlund transfer fans: Through the wall fans and through the floor fans.


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