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 D-Strat Compact, High Velocity Destratification Ceiling Fans
The Problem:
Stratification in high ceiling warehouse and commercial spaces creates huge temperature differentials between the ceiling and the occupied floor level. It is typical for a differential of 20 degrees or more to exist.

The Solution:  
D-STRAT 30 watt, 540 CFM high velocity fans can reduce this differential by 50% or more, shortening thermostat cycles and making occupants more comfortable.
Unlike conventional paddle blade ceiling fans, D-STRAT fans do not have visual moving blades. Discharge velocity of 2000 FPM moves air effectively in a defined column to the floor level. Operation is quiet at 1.5 sones, ideal for office areas and other noise sensitive environments. Costs less than 1/2 cent per hour to operate based on average U.S. electrical rates. Compact design fits between roof trusses affording full access to upper level warehouse storage racking. A heavy-gauge swivel mount allows fan to be aimed to avoid obstructions, concentrated at works areas or to dry floors in wet entryways.

Models: DSF2W (White) & DSF2B (Black)
D-Strat Fans
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