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 Fresh Air In-Forcer
Fresh Air In-Forcer
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Energy-conserving homebuilding materials and 
techniques minimize fresh air intake...a major 
cause of illness, discomfort and structural damage.
The IN-FORCER mechanically draws outside 
air indoors to dilute pollutants and replace stale 
air without sacrificing energy savings.
The FAI4 Powered Air Intake provides a simple and economical way to provide fresh, outside air to dilute trapped pollutants and replace air vented by exhaust fans and fuel burning equipment. Plug into a switched outlet, use a remote on/off switch or a plug-in timer to operate on a desired schedule. Standard 4” flex or metal duct may be used for ducting. The efficient 75 CFM fan consumes only 18 watts.

The IN-FORCER model FAI4 offers all these advantages

Affordably priced and installs fast. Plugs into electrical outlet.   Reduces cold drafts through windows, doors, fireplaces caused by excessive negative pressure.
  Reduces negative pressure a major cause of flue gas spillage and radon gas entry. Reduces moisture, mold mildew buildup.
  Increases security--fresh air can be brought in even when windows and doors are locked. Helps replace air vented by exhaust fans, fireplaces, etc.

FAI4 Specifications

Dimensions Electrical
Intake Hood Inlet 4" Voltage 115 VAC
FAI4 Inlet/Outlet 4" Motor RPM 2800
Air Flow   Motor Watts 18
CFM 75 Motor Amps .2



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