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 Variable and Fixed Speed Engineer Specified Systems
Boiler/Water Heater Draft

  • Eliminate multiple chimneys and roof penetrations
  • Reduce chimney diameter 
  • Overcome long horizontal vent connectors
  • Combine atmospheric and power burners in common vent
  • Common vent fan-assisted boilers and water heaters

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Boiler/Water Heater Combustion Air

  • Eliminate large louvered openings in buildings
  • Duct combustion air from distant locations
  • Maintain neutral mechanical room pressure
  • Proportional, on-demand combustion air

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Central Exhaust Shaft Serving Multiple Floors

  • Maintain negative pressure for entire exhaust vent
  • Automatically modulates to accommodate number of rage hoods in operation
  • Eliminate backflow to adjacent floors
  • Reduce exhaust vent diameter

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Multi-Family & Commercial Dryer Exhaust

  • Combine multiple dryers in common exhaust duct
  • Increase efficiency of common vented dryers
  • Reduce exhaust duct diameter
  • Overcome long horizontal exhaust ducts

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Commercial Dryer Make-Up Air

  • Eliminate large openings in building
  • Duct make-up air from distant location
  • Maintain neutral laundry room pressure
  • Proportional, on-demand make-up air

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Dryer Booster

D-Strat Fans

Chimney Stack Assist Kit

Radon Vac Fan
Stove Blower
Basement Fan
Rooftop Inducers
Room-to-Room Fans
Crawl Space Fans


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