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Display & Advertising Materials
Tjernlund Merchandising Tools Fax Order Form
In-Forcer™ Combustion/Fresh Air Intake
3-Panel Mobile (17.75 x 10")
SideShot® Oil Vent System 3-Panel Mobile (17.75 x 10") View Mobiles
AireShare™ Transfer Fans
Poster (18 x 24")
Duct Booster® 3-Panel Mobile
(17.75 x 10") View Mobiles
New Ventilation Products
Poster (18 x 24")
New Ventilation Products Stuffer 8500850
Cure Damp-Musty Basements
(XChanger-UnderAire) Poster (18 x 24")
Dryer Duct Booster® Stuffer 8500852
Cool Breeze Garage Fan Poster (18 x 24")    Rooftop Inducer Poster (18 x 24")  

  XCHANGER X2D operating Counter Display Purchase (3) model X2D’s and receive (1) X2D counter display. Use an X2D from your stock to place in the display. Mark “FREE X2D-DISPLAY” on your next Purchase Order of 3 or more units. Act now! Quantities limited.
Photo | Video
  AireShare operating Counter Display Purchase (3) AireShare Models and receive (1) AireShare counter display with an actual AS1 unit factory installed in display. Mark “FREE AS1-DISPLAY” on your next Purchase Order of 3 or more units. Act now! Quantities limited.
Photo | Video
Full Line Literature & Case Studies
Full Line Lit. 8500669 Case Studies
Side Wall Vent Systems (Gas, Oil)
Side Wall Full Line Ref Guide Lit 8500594 SideShot® SS1 & SS2 Lit. 8500000
  GPAK Lit. 8500370 SideShot® SS1C Lit. 8500005
VP-2F, VP-3F Lit. 8500567   HSJ, 1, 2 Power Venter Specs 8506001
      HS3, 4, 5 Power Venter Specs 8506002
In-Line & Rooftop Draft Inducers
  AD-1 Wood/Coal Stove Inducer Lit. 8500672 In-Line Draft Inducer Specs. 8506000
In-Line Draft Inducer Lit. 8500590   PS1505 Fan Prover Lit. 8500135
Rooftop Draft Inducer Lit. 8500650 CSA1 Chimney Stack Assist Kit Lit. 8500605
In-ForcerTM Combustion Air & Fresh Air Intake Systems
PAI-4, 6, 7, PAI-2 Series & FAI-4
  PAI- 4, 6, 7 Commercial In-Forcer
Specs 8506003
Accessory Controls
See Vent Hoods, Draft Controls, UC1 Universal Control, Multiple Appliance Controls & Millivolt Interlock Accessories on Full Line Lit 8500669
Barometric Draft Control Lit. 8500490
Specified Systems Variable and Fixed Speed Draft and Combustion Air
Modulating Exhaust And Supply Ref Guide 8500736 Specified Systems Case Studies
MPC-MPCI Pressure Based Fan Controller 8500735 Specified Newsletter Volume 2
Intelligent Exhaust and Ventilation 8500790 Specified Newsletter Volume 1
Hearth Products
Hearth & Ventilation Lit 8500670   AD-1 Wood/Coal Stove Inducer Lit. 8500672 (Order 8500670 Hearth & Ventilation Lit)
  Rooftop Draft Inducer Lit. 8500650 (Order under In-Line & Rooftop Draft Inducers section).    
Duct Booster® Supply & Exhaust Fans
Ventilation Products Full Line Lit 8500380   Duct Booster® Specs
LB2 Dryer Duct Booster Lit 8500302 Dryer Duct Booster® Ref Guide Lit 8500303
      Dryer Duct Booster® Stuffer 8500852 (Order under Display & Advertising Materials Section above)
IAQ, Ventilation & Air Transfer Fans
AireShare™ AS1/AS2/ASLL Room-to-Room Transfer Fan Lit 8500730 Crawl Space Ventilator & XCHANGER™ Basement Fan Lit 8500720
AireShare™ Room-to-Room Transfer Fan Case Study 8500745 CB14 Cool Breeze Garage Fan Lit 8500510
Switch-It™ Wireless Controls for AireShare™ Transfer Fan Lit 8500732 D-Strat™ Series Ceiling Fan Lit 8500755
Radon Mitigation Products
Radon Ventilation Products Lit 8500724 Radon Vac Sidewall Mitigation System Lit 8500722
Enviro-Tech Head Cooling Fans
Head Fan Lit. 8500211



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